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Abigail Bromley Brand Design

Hi, I’m Abby Bromley and I run Abigail Bromley Design, a boutique branding and design studio based in South Yorkshire, providing services to clients nationally.

If you love great design, if fashion and styling are your passion, then we are on the same wavelength. How things look can make or break a business, so investing in high-quality artwork is a no-brainer.

Although I love to work with other creatives such as fashion brands, stylists and makeup artists, I’ve also helped many other small and medium business with their visual brand identity.

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Here’s how we will work together:


Design Brief
You’ll complete a design brief with a wide range of questions on everything from your values to your competitors. This helps to clarify your brand positioning in the marketplace – are you Aldi or are you Fortnum & Masons?


Design Options
You’ll receive 2-3 designs for your brand artwork which reflects your desired brand image and targets your ideal customer. You’ll choose your preferred design and it will be further refined until it perfectly meets your needs.


Production and Finishing
You’ll receive high quality digital assets for use in your print and digital media as well as a style guide to ensure that your visual branding remains consistent across all your channels regardless of how the assets are used.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.

— Milton Glaser, graphic designer

Brand identity is a crucial part of any business

Getting your brand identity clear and perfectly represented in all your marketing assets is vitally important in creating a successful business. Without a coherent and consistent image and message, you’ll confuse your potential clients and they won’t understand how you can help them.

A brand is a set of perceptions that define a company. It’s much more than simply a logo or a colour palette; it’s more than just a tagline or a tone of voice. It’s the total embodiment of what it means to interact with that brand, the experience the customer will have and the promises that brand will deliver.

Visual brand identity encompasses your logo, colours, typography (fonts), image style and composition style. Getting your branding right early on can make a huge difference to your business growth. Spending some time working with a design studio that has experience of taking you from a vague concept through to a comprehensive visual brand identity will save you heaps of frustration and ££s in the long run.

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